Outdoor show

Dear editor:

On January 12th and 13th, while thousands of people here in Warren were happily enjoying a well supported open exposition that revolved around enjoying our natural surrounds, firearms, and families and friends sharing quality time together (a.k.a- The Warren County Outdoor Travel and Gun Show), the scene in Saratoga, New York, was very different, as reported to me by a family friend that is a fellow hunter and target shooter. The Saratoga Gun Show was surrounded by anti-gun protesters that had unsuccessful tried to force the show to be cancelled. He went on to say that he was so put off by this that he did not even attend- a first in many years.

In light of all of the recent sensationalized and non-stop reporting about school shootings, the negative portrayal of gun owners, and gun shows in neighboring New York State being cancelled or lined with protesters, it was rejuvenating and refreshing to take part in the Warren County Outdoor Travel and Gun Show. Over the two day event, I witnessed thousands of people, including many families, strolling about. What I witnessed was a wholesome and uniquely American tradition in action- the right of hard working people to pursue and share their love for firearms and all of the lawful uses of them. It is great to live in a community that embraces the idea of celebrating and honoring the shooting sports, gun collecting and hunting in the way that Warren County did at the Warren Mall last weekend.

I saw parents and grand parents passing on family traditions to their children. One example I witnessed was a begining hunter and his father weighing the merits of a particular rifle to buy for deer hunting. Every time I walked by the Historical Society antique arms display area, it was full of curious people of all ages asking questions. Many of the local sportsman’s clubs and groups were able to raise the much needed funds that help keep programs like the Scholastic Trap League, Youth Hunting Experiences, Hunter Safety Courses, and Junior Member Programs going. Lastly, this event definitely provided a “stimulus plan” to a good number of the local and regional businesses that cater to the outdoor recreational community.

I want to commend the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry and all of the local organizations and businesses that made the Warren Outdoor Travel and Gun Show an amazing success. Too bad CNN doesn’t cover good gun related news like this.

Mark Nickerson