Turning right

Dear editor:

As I sit on the north end of the Hickory street bridge looking to my left I can clearly see the Moose Club. Big deal, but I want to turn right on to Pennsylvania Avenue east and some brain trust installed a no-right-turn sign and that was not enough added a right turn light.

Now I have a suggestion for that individual, take the sign and light and shove it, right across the street, and have it say NO left turns during peak traffic hours or not at all. The only thing that bothers me more than not being able to turn right on red going north is going south and being stuck down by the police station at 4 p.m. because traffic is backed up due to one fool trying to turn left at the same light with two lanes of traffic coming the other way across the bridge.

There is no way to get around one car turning left at that light thus stacking up traffic. Just a suggestion, and while I am writing a couple of friends Tom and Paul who cross the bridge daily on foot feel it is not kept clear enough and should be maintained better.


Jack W. Landers