Gun safety

Dear editor:

In the wake of the recent Newtown tragedy, it strikes me that responsible gun owners and enthusiasts are actually in a rather unique position to most effectively take the lead in coming up with common sense practical strategies for addressing the gun safety issues facing our nation.

Although we may never be able to completely eliminate such nightmarish incidents as that which unfolded in Newtown not so long ago (and the frighteningly large number of others in recent years), certainly by working together we can find reasonable ways to at least reduce their number and extent while still maintaining that delicate balance between freedom and responsibility, and thus strive to make our nation a safer place for everyone. Is there any more precious gift that we can give to our children than this?

And to all of our teachers and other public servants who are dedicated to serving the common good in so many ways – often selflessly and thanklessly, and sometimes heroically – which the rest of us so often take for granted, you deserve no less than our deepest respect and heartfelt gratitude, not the denigration and demonization which you have been subjected to recently by those selfishly intent on promoting their own political agenda at your expense. Thank you for all you do.

Dale E. Buonocore