Panel moves forward on dilapidated properties

The Warren County Blighted Property Review Committee met Thursday to discuss three properties in the county that required action in the process that potentially ends with the razing of properties.

Old business included the 106 Hall St. property in Sheffield that was damaged by fire; the 706 S. Main St. property in Sheffield belonging to Maurice Dickey, care of Jacob Dickey; and the Saybrook property belonging to Anzietta DiPierro.

The 106 Hall St. and 706 S. Main St. properties were passed on to the Planning Commission.

As for the DiPierro property in Saybrook, the Conewango Township supervisors re-inspected it and suggested that it move on in the process.

The property has long been declared a nuisance and received violations in September 2006, June 2007, April 2008, and June 2008. According to the County Blighted Property Review Committee, the structure has been vacant for the last 20 years and is deteriorating to a point where it should be removed.

Declared dilapidated, unsanitary, unsafe, and a fire hazard, the property’s utilities have been disconnected or destroyed, it is a vacant or an unimproved lot, and is an unoccupied property with county/municipal school taxes delinquent for two or more years.

John DiPierro was present at the meeting representing Anzietta DiPierro, the current owner.

After discussion on the matter in regards to whether or not the requirements were clear and/or satisfied, Joe Scully made a motion to “move it on to planning because we have done our diligence in cooperation with Mr. DiPierro to give him an additional 60 days to make the adjustments,” to which DiPierro replied, “I did that.”

The motion was passed and the property will now move to the Planning Committee for further action.

The committee also discussed the property at 101 1/2 Hall St. in Sheffield owned by Jack and Jennifer Hackley. The property is a small abandoned house behind the 101 Hall St. property on the northern corner at the intersection of Hall St. and 1st St., which is also owned by the Hackleys.

A nuisance violation letter was sent to the owners in May 2012 and as of Jan. 17, 2013 no action had been taken by the owners.

The structure has been deemed an attractive nuisance to children, dilapidated, unsafe, unsanitary, and a fire hazard, the utilities have been disconnected or removed, and the property is an unoccupied or unimproved lot. Taxes on the property, however, are not delinquent.

The committee moved to invite the owners to the next meeting at noon on Feb. 21.