Dear editor:

I am writing to you about unenforced rules in Warren County.

There are dog laws in this county about picking up your dog’s stool. There are very few people that pick up their dog’s stool where I live. The sidewalks are full of dog stool; you can’t miss walking in it.

There is also a leash law. Where I live in this county dogs run loose every day and the owners just stand there yelling at their animals. Also there is a noise ordinance; barking dogs are part of this ordance. Dogs are left tied up all day and they bark non-stop.

They are out in all kinds of weather barking and the owners don’t care enough to deal with them. When these dogs get loose they are mean and attack what ever they can. I have seen the dogs try to attack a child in the neighborhood as well as attacking smaller animals. And to call the police does no good. In certain parts of Warren the people are classafied as other than human, so nothing gets done. I am so afraid to let my small dogs out in my back yard which is fenced in because of the mean dogs in the area as well as the snakes that come from my neighbor’s back yard.

There was a article in the Times Observer stating that your grass should only be 6 to 8 inches. I myself have seen people only mow their grass for 5 minutes and figure that is enough. But according to the zoning office in Warren County there are people that are special cases, that these rules don’t apply to certain people. There are families that have a limited budget and they are doing everything they can to improve there homes and it’s not fair that certain people get away with not doing anything or very little to there properties.

Then there is the issue of no one shoveling the snow on the sidewalks. People jog through my area and there have been people who slip and fall on the snow and ice. It’s not just poor people who don’t shovel the sidewalks. There are well to do people in this county who don’t shovel their walks. I honestly think all the rules should be enforced by the fine officers of Warren County for everyone, no matter rich or poor.

Thanks for taking the time

Carol Johnson