McKeirnan seeking third term as district attorney

Warren County District Attorney Ross McKeirnan has announced his intention to seek re-election for a third term.

“As Warren County District Attorney, my mission has been nothing less than protecting the safety and security of our citizens,” McKeirnan said in a release. “My philosophy has been to cut a break to those who deserve it and hammer those who don’t. My extensive experience allows me to meet the demands and responsibility of standing in court as a trial attorney representing the people of Warren County.”

McKeirnan, 59, will petition to be placed on the spring primary ballot as a Republican candidate.

In his first term as district attorney, he created the Warren County Drug Task Force, comprised of police officers, sheriff deputies with countywide jurisdiction to combat illegal drug activity.

“As the top law enforcement officer in Warren County, I have enjoyed a working relationship with the police and understand the challenges they face in serving and protecting. I am humbled and grateful for the high level of support the police have given me over the years and in this current bid for re-election,” said McKeirnan.

McKeirnan was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar in 1982. Until his election as the first full time district attorney in Warren County history in 2005, McKeirnan maintained a private practice in Warren.

“I owe the success I have had doing this job to a dedicated and efficient support staff,” he said. “When I came into office, I inherited a backlogged criminal docket which we were able to streamline. In my tenure, we have handled approximately 5,000 criminal cases with a 96 percent conviction rate. We have been through a lot together, from minor shoplifting charges to the major homicide cases I have successfully prosecuted.

“In my second term in office, I assumed responsibility and control of the Warren County Victim/Witness program. In that capacity, I have worked to ensure that victims of crime are afforded their rights under the Victim Right Act. I have learned the unique perspective of the crime victim and make sure they are informed of the process and empower them with ability to have input.”

McKeirnan obtained a B.A. degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a juris doctorate from the University of Bridgeport. He is admitted to practice before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the Federal District Court of the United States.

A past president of the Warren County Bar Association, McKeirnan served as Warren County Public Defender or 14 years.

He is also an honorably discharged Vietnam Era Veteran, having served in the U.S. Navy, submarine service.

McKeirnan also announced that his campaign chairman will be Warren County Sheriff Deputy Danny Michaels. Raymond Haines, CPA, will serve as campaign treasurer.

“I look forward with enthusiasm to this re-election campaign,” he added.