Dear editor,

I wanted to comment on the latest government crisis which was aptly named the “fiscal cliff.” It’s breathtaking to think that raising taxes, through one form or another, on the vast majority of Americans, while demonizing those who have achieved major success is the answer to Washington’s addiction to spending. Even if the government seized all the money that someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet has worked for, it would only fund the country for a matter of days. It’s obvious that the current policies have nothing to do with fiscal responsibility, but a certain political ideology.

While living in Europe in the 1990’s, I traveled to Germany shortly after the Berlin Wall came down. On entering the former East Germany, I was shocked to see the effects of Socialism and Marxism on the nation. While the countries in the West were thriving, the “socialist utopias” in the East were dark and depressing.

What I’m leading to is that America has been the most prosperous and blessed nation on earth. It has stemmed the tide of numerous dictators, while many of its citizens have laid down their lives in one war after another so that others may experience the freedom that we possess. It has made mistakes, as all nations have, but to allow this great country to be “transformed” into something that our Founding Fathers would fail to recognize or accept is an unfathomable tragedy.

Marxism and Socialism never end well. A free press is seized and silenced, eventually becoming nothing more than propagandists for the state; freedom of speech is tolerated as long as it echoes the “party line”; private property is gradually eliminated; business and industry are crippled due to a nightmare of regulations; the freedom to pursue one’s destiny is totally dependent on the state, who by the way, controls education, banks and personal income, just to “make things fair.” Religion is either outlawed or rendered nearly irrelevant based on a distortion of the separation of church and state.

The problem is we are headed down the same disastrous road that cost the East Germans, as well as millions of other people so much.

As we edge ever closer to a financial meltdown, perhaps all it will take is another natural disaster or a war in the Middle East, to complete the “transformation” of our country. As I have written previously, if ever there was a time to stand for what we believe in, to seek God for wisdom and strength, it is now.


John A Peterson

Chandlers Valley