Collectible Winterfest coins offered

Penn Soil Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council has announced that it has produced and received the second souvenir commemorative coin in a collectible series to help support the cost of the annual Warren Winterfest event. The creation of the collectible coin series which began with the 2012 Winterfest event is a step toward making the Winterfest event a financially sustainable event, said Wes Ramsey, Executive Director of Penn Soil RC&D.

The 2013 Winterfest coin features a full-color minted and painted design featuring several elements of the Winterfest event, a polar bear getting ready for the plunge, geocaching, and a group of friends enjoying a toboggan ride down the sledding hill. “It is a beautiful coin,” said Ramsey, about the size of a 50-cent piece, and has a nice heavy feel to it. This year’s coin features a unique two-tone design on one side of the coin. A portion of the artwork is done in special black nickel finish where the color appears to be black when viewed straight on and turns color to silver or nickel when the coin is turned slightly to reflect light differently. As an added bonus, and of interest to geocachers, the coin is trackable on using each coins unique tracking number”, said Ramsey. Future years’ versions of the collectible coin may feature other aspects of the popular winter event.

The festival begins with Jim Lobdell Memorial Sled Dog Races on Friday, and the public has the opportunity to “Meet the Mushers.” Dog sled racing continues through the 806-acre state park early Saturday.

At 2 p.m. Saturday, the winter spotlight is on the “Polar Bear Plunge” in which approximately 100 brave and hearty souls generally participate. In addition to being quite a spectator event, this event also benefits the local chapter of the Salvation Army, as those who participate in the polar plunge, receive pledges of financial support from friends and families in the community.

This event is free to attend for the public, however, it is not without cost to host and there is a dedicated group of volunteers who work together year around to plan and host this event. Acting as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and financial agent for the Winterfest Committee, Penn Soil RC&D has agreed to assist the group with fundraising for the event and receive charitable contributions from interested parties.

The coins are available now and will be given as a token of appreciation to anyone who makes a tax deductible contribution to Penn Soil RC&D for the Winterfest in the amount of $10 or more. The coins may be reserved for pick up at the Warren County Winterfest by mailing your donation to the Penn Soil RC&D office at 210 North Drive, Suite E, Warren. Make the check payable to Penn Soil RC&D with the Winterfest donation listed in the memo area on the check. If you would like your coin mailed to you, add $5 to your donation to cover shipping and handling cost. As an alternative, you may make your donation and receive your coin in person at the Penn Soil RC&D office located in the Stone Building at 210 North Drive, Suite E, Warren, and also at Chapman State Park Office while the coin supply lasts. There are a limited number of both the 2012 and 2013 coins available.