Ruff Riders have fun Christmas party

Sugar Grove Ruff Riders met Jan. 7 at Sugar Grove Mission Covenant Church. Vice president Jonah Samuelson called the meeting to order. Elle Angelletti led the 4H pledge. Samuelson announced the group’s new secretary and news reporter is Katie Downs. Downs then took attendance and aasked each member to answer with something fun they did or received at Christmas. She then read minutes from the last meeting.

Samuelson reminded members they need to get their project enrollment forms filled out and turned into Virginia. Members who are still deciding between two project horses, should enroll them both now, using separate tan forms, then, just a phone call or email to Virginia at the end of May will be sufficient. Don’t risk missing the June 1 enrollment deadline.

Samuelson told everyone, two or more horses can be put on the same orange VCPR, as long as they have the same owner/caretaker and veterinarian. Also he told everyone production and futurity projects must be enrolled with the 4-H Office before they turn 3 years old, and be re-enrolled annually to retain eligibility, even if they are not being used in 4-H this year.

Leader Becky discussed shirt orders with members. Everyone decided they would place orders next month at the meeting. Order forms were handed out.

Becky went over GPP#7 with those who missed it in November. This was practice with a syringe and review of proper injection sites and techniques. Alexis Titch gave a demonstration on DVD about proper grooming on her horse.

After the meeting, members held a Christmas Party which included games. Elle led a game of horse parts and horse tack, a great opening game. Next, Robyn divided participants into two teams and they raced to decorate one member of each team as a Christmas tree, with garland, bows, ribbon, candy canes, even a string of lights, so each team then backed their “tree” to an outlet and plugged her in.

The 4 leaders and four parents had to vote by secret ballot and it was a tie, so everyone got a chocolate lollipop that Robyn had made as prizes.Lastly, everyone sat in a circle and passed three large wrapped presents around while music played. When the music stopped, whoever was holding a present opened it, but, surprise!, there was another wrapped gift inside! So the game went on, with each gift being opened three or four times, until the final inside gift was opened and three lucky winners each got a chocolate bar. The members all took time to exchange Christmas gifts before they finished the evening with snacks and punch. It was a nice party, with everyone participating and lots of laughter. The club will meet next month on Monday, Feb. 4, at Mission Covenant Church.