Bridging the gap

Dear editor,

After having read yesterday’s article (1/8/2012) regarding Experience, Inc.’s budget cuts, I wanted to make known to the general public and non-profit agencies specifically, a program called PathStone, Inc. PathStone is under the auspices of the Senior Community Service Program (SCSEP) and a sub-grantee under the National Council on Aging (NCOA).

PathStone’s mission is to help seniors 55 and older gain needed skills while providing supplemental income to the participants, in addition to assisting non-profits in their stated missions all at no cost to the non-profit Host agency.

As states in the article, volunteerism has a positive effect on communities and individuals alike and can often help bridge the gaps created by various austerity measures. Should individuals or non-profits wish to make use of the services, please contact PathStones at (814) 726-3300.

PathStone has helped me personally by providing job placement assistance, a benefits check-up service, and financial assistance towards a yearly physical all while allowing me to gain a small monthly stipend.

Thank you for the opportunity to bring this program to the attention of Warren County agencies and individuals.


Scott R. Blume