Media violence

Dear editor,

I enjoyed reading Tim Sorenson’s column in your Saturday edition. He bluntly relates media heros of the days when media heros were actually heroes… He then relates the heros of “yesteryear” to Americas attitude on guns, our youth, and our schools.

Today our media seems to concentrate their television programming on gay sitcoms, reality shows that aren’t real, and the piece de re-sis-tance… our crime shows.

Violence and gun violence permeate our television sets and our movie screens.

Instead of harping on taking away our guns (as the guns themselves were not a problem back in the day), why not point the finger at our media magnets and put a move on banning these sick forms of “entertainment.”

The first step was the “anti-hero” of the mid-1950’s. It took a life of its own from there and has become a cancer.

Remember the first step. If the first step is banning certain weaponry, then where might it go from there?

Remember the expression that if we ban guns only the criminals will have guns.

The first step for America is to think twice.

Ben Taylor