County appointments made

The Warren County Commissioners have made a number of appointments.

Pam Matve was re-appointed as county chief clerk in a unanimous vote.

“We appreciate the continuity that Ms. Matve brings,” Commissioner John Bortz said of the move.

“Pam has made this first year far much easier than it could have been,” said Commissioners Chairman Stephen Vanco, who is in his first term.

The commissioners also unanimously voted to re-appoint Barry Klenowski as county solicitor.

Klenowski’s re-appointment also required approval of a contract for services.

The commissioners approved a contract including a $5,000 retainer and a base rate for work done by Klenowski of $100 per hour.

They also approved a resolution to utilize a tax anticipation note for funding in 2013.

County Fiscal Director Toby Rohlin reported the county had cash on hand of approximately $596,000, compared to approximately $705,000 at this time last year.

The commissioners approved payment of approximately $137,000 in total bills, including approximately $105,000 in county expenses and approximately $32,000 in operations expenses at the Warren County Jail.

Rohlin said the bills included approximately $26,000 in association dues which are paid each January. He noted that while membership in some of those groups are required by law, others are at the commissioners’ discretion.

“Are we required to pay Bar Association dues?” Commissioner John Eggleston asked.

“It’s not required by law,” Rohlin said. “It’s limited to employees (of the county). If they have their own practice, we don’t pay it.”

Bar Association membership is not required to practice law in Pennsylvania, but is in most states. Pennsylvania does, however, require annual registration and payment of a fee to the state’s Attorney Registration Office.