New Route 6 Ramp?

If you’ve ever wondered why you can access only westbound Route 6 from Main Avenue, you’re not alone.

Warren County officials are exploring the possibility of constructing ramps to allow westbound traffic to exit at Main Avenue and motorists to catch Route 6 going east.

County Planning Director Dan Glotz said that, in conjunction with the five-county Northwest Rural Planning Organization’s (RPO) Transportation Improvement Plan, to which Warren County belongs, an effort is being made “to get ramps in there.”

While he acknowledged that the process would be costly, and will inevitably take several years to bring to fruition, a key step in the information-gathering process will commence this spring when traffic counters are set up.

“(We’re) seeing up truck traffic” in the area because of increased business activity, as well as the incubator and wastewater treatment plant, he said.

Part of the concern spurring this project is that the current configuration presents a “mobility issue” for motorists.

Glotz also expressed concern about a potential safety issue, namely that trucks coming from those sites currently must drive through residential areas on Pleasant Drive before they can continue east on Route 6.

Asked why ramps weren’t installed during original construction, he said that a right of way issue, essentially land acquisition, as well as funding constraints appeared to drive the decision making.

As far as funding, Glotz explained that the RPO is allocated a “pot of money” from the state for transportation projects. The result is that each county has to advocate for its projects to be included on the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).

“It’s give and take by everybody,” he said, emphasizing that the critical standard in assessing the worthiness of the projects is safety.

The traffic counter information will help to bolster the case for the ramp project to be included on the TIP. “(We) will use that information to petition the RPO,” Glotz said.