North Warren Rite Aid closing; scripts to CVS

The North Warren Rite Aid will be closing its doors after several years of business in the Warren area.

According to Eric Harkreader, spokesperson for Rite Aid Corp., the last day of regular business will be Thursday, Jan. 17.

“For the convenience of our customers, prescriptions will be available the following day at the CVS (at the corner of Market Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Warren),” said Harkreader, adding that the prescriptions will be transferred automatically with no action required on the customers’ end.

Beginning on Jan. 26, the Rite Aid is scheduled to re-open without the pharmacy and will remain open until a sufficient amount of the non-pharmacy inventory has been sold.

Rather than making a formal announcement of plans to close, “we are telling customers as they come in,” said Harkreader, who also indicated that the closing of the store was ‘a business decision’ that could not be discussed at this time.

“Like many retailers,” he said, “we evaluate our operations to make sure our stores make good financial sense.”

The decision to close the store was, “one that we don’t like to make nor do we make lightly,” added Harkreader. “We have offered positions to all Rite Aid associates at surrounding stores.”