Gun control

Dear editor:

Ever since the shootings at Newtown, Ct, there has been a rush to judgment on what caused this horrific event. Voices are clamoring for stricter gun control as if guns are to blame for what has happened.

In fact guns are being set up as a scapegoat while ignoring the larger issues at hand. I contend that our society is responsible; a society that floods the airwaves with violence on TV, video games and comics that degrade human life, books and movies that make violence acceptable and promote killing as an “ok” way of dealing with stress and problems.

The breakdown of the family unit also contributes to the diminishing of values intrinsic to human life. We are becoming nation of single parent families where there is no parental control, accountability or responsibility. Lack of discipline in the home leads to lack of discipline in the school and unacceptable behavior beyond its doors. Added to this has been a concerted effort to remove God and faith in Him from school, Christmas and the public marketplace-all in the name of diversity and political correctness so as not to “offend” anybody.

Dare our civic, religious and social leaders examine the larger issues confronting the violence in our culture? Or do they go for the “quick fix”-gun control. The “quick fix” is not really a fix at all as history has shown. But rather an effort to turn us into a nation of sheep.

Father John Neff, Pastor

St. Luke Catholic Church, Youngsville

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Sheffield