Vintage Warren: History in Photos

In 1902, it was proposed to build an electric trolley line to connect Sugar Grove with the Erie RR at Youngsville so that people could easily transport merchandise and coal. Construction was started but then halted for many months. Incorporated on April 14, 1902, as Y&SGRR. In September 1903, it was reactivated. It was decided to make the line a steam railroad although it was classed as a street railroad. In November, the Youngsville and Sugar Grove RR was in operation. Total trackage was 11 miles, and it went up Mathews Run. The company name was changed to Warren County Traction about 1908. In 1904, it made three round trips a day and took 50 minutes for the 11 miles. There were 22 “stations.” It was not electrified. It continued to operate until about 1919. Courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society Thomas T. Taber III scrapbooks.