To walk or to talk?

Dear Editor:

Going to the grocery store, got milk? Going to the City of Warren, got problem? You betcha. The town doesn’t know where its money is.

The why of it: overt signs of inward operations (good thing they’re not surgeons): The 2013, 30 percent tax increase; the ACA building fund debacle of 500,000 dollars, lost; the abysmal failure of the Blue Goose parking garage; and on and on.

The why of the why (the inward). For one month now, the following personnel cost, via right to know, have not been made available: City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Fire Chief, Police Chief, Police Captain, Patrolman.

Keep in mind the insult being budget time to not have, and at any time, at fingertips such basic cost items. First time, when asked what her Chief of Police costs out at, City Manager Freenock, “I don’t know.” When furthered, she hung up the phone.

Second time, 1-4-13, City Manager cuts in on phone conversation, “We have higher priorities than giving you what you want.” Wrong, it’s what the people want. Again, when pressed for greater understanding in such basic failure, Freenock hangs up the phone.

Now, it’s either dumb or deliberate. Regardless, not versed (capable), becomes overwhelmed; conditioned from spending (soft, no accountability at the hog trough) other people’s money (hard) – bye, bye American pie. These well-entrenched, abject, arrogant, self-serving, subservient sponges are so caught up in their own inequity (ineptitude).

So, don’t say you haven’t been told. City workers don’t wait to get their paychecks. Will City Council step up to the plate (not the dinner plate) and demand, what are we getting for these costs of pay, position and perks? Not a 30 percent tax hike.

It’s in overtime, overdue to take a hike.

To walk or to talk?

Always a choice,

John. L. Erickson

Citizen Advocate