‘Aging in Place’ forum Thursday

The Elder Care Council of Warren and Forest Counties primary purpose is to provide education to residents of our communities regarding the increasingly complex array of programs and services made available as we age.

The Elder Care Council of Warren and Forest Counties is hosting its second Education Forum on Jan. 10 at the Allegheny Community Center on Clark St. in Warren. Following the very successful format from their first forum, the topic for the Education Forum on the 10th will be “Aging in Place.” Currently a very “hot” topic, Aging in Place addresses some of the things people need to consider as they plan to enjoy their retirement.

Aging in Place will feature the following presenters:

Bill Mahan at Ameriprise will speak generically on financial planning, trusts, and burial funds.

Lisa To, Hospice of Warren County, will speak on Advanced Directives.

Bev Mowrey, Long Term Care Director for Experience Inc. will speak about available services and home modifications with an eye towards accessibility.

Mary Mangione will provide a review of insurance decisions and discuss changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act ( aka-Obama Care).

The forum will provide a general overview of the initial stages of preparing to Age in Place and will serve as a prelude to a subsequent forum on the topic of Estate Planning. The format for the Education Forum will again feature a panel of subject matter experts who will provide a 10-15 minute overview of their topic. Once all panelists have presented, the panel members will entertain questions from the audience.

The forum will be from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Light refreshments will be served and, through the cooperative efforts with the Transit Authority of Warren County, bus service will be available by calling 723-1874 to schedule.

The public is invited to come and join the discussion.