Executive order

Dear editor:

In my view “Executive Orders” are a convenient way to circumvent the legitimate constitutional process for getting things done in Washington. Yes, all Presidents have used them to some extent, but not nearly in the number of those issued by Obama in his term so far. I didn’t like it when others did it and I don’t like it now. It appears that the current Pres. is not done issuing them either. The latest is perhaps the worst one and the one that irks me the most. Just prior to the vote on the last minute proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff, Mr. “O” issued an Executive Order to raise the pay for all House, Senate, judges and other federal employees. Keep in mind that federal employees are already paid far above comparable positions in the private sector. To me, this smacks of bribery using our money to sway the vote. Even if that was not the reason, the private sector gets raises and bonuses for good work with the exception of those banking and auto company CEO’s who brought on the meltdown of the economy in the first place.

The House and Senate have the lowest approval rating in history. Why in the name of reason should they be rewarded with more money? And, why should the President make that decision by his lonesome? Last I checked, we elected a President not a King. The House voted to freeze those salaries, but only until the end of the short-term agreement on the “fiscal cliff”. The executive order will be reinstated the first of March unless Congress votes another freeze. We should not be too confident that OUR employees will resist the temptation to let the order ride, thus ceding away more of their control to the executive branch. Aren’t spending bills supposed to start in the house?

If Congress wants us all to make sacrifices, then it is time for them to lead by example. They need to refuse this raise and perhaps take a symbolic rate cut out of respect for those who are suffering from their selfish decisions.

The same goes for Healthcare. I would go along with what ever is decided if the ones making the decisions, including the President, have to go by the same program as the rest of us peons. Until then, expect me to complain to every entity possible and actively support candidates that will “get ‘er done!”

Please write your legislators both State and National. Let them know how you feel.

Joanne Oviatt