Trailblazers hear member reports

On Jan. 2, 2013 the 4-H club Scandia Trailblazers held a meeting at the Warren County Conservation Center. Sherry Moore, club leader, asked members to bring in their speeches about horses, tack, diseases and shows. They also asked them to bring in donations to the military. A photo of the group was taken.

The speakers who read their speeches along with their topics are as follows: Holly Allison – ringworm; Alyssa Molek – pole bending; Emily Allison – American Bashcare Curly Horse; Brielle Whitney – Assateague Island; Kassidy Turner – mount games; Macey Eyler – rumatitus; Ansley Crenjul – thrush; Oakleigh Gilbert – a trip to Ireland and their race track; Karrie Hunt – Friesian; Audrey Ferrie – horse teeth; Mollie Marsh – Shibalskys Horse; Olivia Eckstrom – typical Paint Horse; Maria Slack – Morgan Horse.

Some of the members have not completely finished their speeches, and will present them on Jan. 16 where the final preparings for the time capsule will also be prepared, according to news reporter Karrie Hunt.