Traffic signal

Dear editor:

A lot has been written lately about the stop signs at the corner of Liberty and Penn. Let me vent a bit about another traffic control device: the light at the eastern exit from Warren Commons.

Sometime last summer the timers were altered on the lights. Now, the light to exit the Commons stays green for only 8 seconds. That’s enough time to allow 4 cars through the intersection. That’s IF the drivers are actually paying attention, and IF the roads are dry and tires don’t spin.

Add un-plowed snow and you’re lucky to get two cars through. Contrast this with the Route 62 green light endurance of 92 seconds. This ratio is great for the middle of the night, but is not at all good for prime business hours. During the busy Christmas shopping season, left turn (northbound) traffic was backed up all the way back to the buffet.

This gridlock lead to an increase of law-breakers who opted to make illegal left turns at the right turn only exit at the north end of the complex. PennDOT are you listening? Please fix this problem. I can’t wait to see what happens to the South exit when the new gas station opens.

Dale T. Honhart