New Year’s Day escape attempt at jail foiled

Three inmates who attempted a New Year’s Day escape from the second floor of the Warren County Jail using a coat hanger and toothpaste to cover their tracks were charged during a preliminary arraignment Monday morning.

James R. Sorensen, 31, was charged with two counts of escape, weapons or implements for escape, possession of an instrument of crime with intent, and two counts of institutional vandalism.

Christian Vail, 19, 309 Lincoln Ave., was charged with escape, two counts of weapons or implements or escape, possession of an instrument of crime with intent and institutional vandalism.

Daniel P. Morehead, 17, Warren County Jail, was charged with escape, weapons or implements of escape, possession of instrument of crime with intent and institutional vandalism.

Police found an area of the wall damaged under the bottom bunk in cell number 202 in the C-Block area of the jail, according to the criminal compliant.

Police say Sorensen “did conspire with his co-defendants Christian Vail and Daniel Morehead to dig the grout from around the concrete blocks of his cell in an attempt to escape through a hole that was created from the digging.”

Sorensen allegedly “damaged a metal hook used to hang clothes in his cell and hid the implement inside his bunk mattress. The hook was used by defendant Sorensen and Morehead to dig around the concrete blocks.”

The grout from the wall was replaced with toothpaste.

Two flat pieces of metal approximately five inches in length with sharpened ends were also found in Morehead’s shoes.

All three were recommitted and remain in jail unable to make bail.

Bail for Morehead and Vail was set at $10,000 and Sorensen’s bail was set at $25,000.

All three are scheduled for a preliminary hearing at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23.