WASU works to match $15,000 grant

Recently, the Warren Area Student Union (WASU) got some exciting news. The Community Foundation of Warren has offered a match of $15,000 to WASU. This means WASU has to raise $15,000 as well , with an ending total of $30,000.

“This money will be extremely beneficial to WASU,” according to participating student Alex Dolinger. “Without it, WASU could be closed down. WASU is a worthy part of the community because it helps the adolescents of the community. It helps keep kids off the streets and helps them meet new people. They also learn to work towards a goal and contribute to the community. I regularly visit WASU and have been a part of the most recent haunted house, and I can honestly say I would be heartbroken if it closed! I have made so many new friends and made so many memories there, and I would love for other kids to continue to have the opportunity to do so. I really love WASU, and so do many of my friends, as well as other people.”

“So, we really need your help,” continued Dolinger, an eighth-grader at Beaty Warren Middle School. “The Warren Community has donated through the recent haunted house, as well as other individual donations. The haunted house raised $1200, which is the most that’s ever been raised. The participants of the haunted house have decided to donate $1000 of this money to the match from the Community Foundation of Warren. However, WASU is still far from the $15,000 goal. So, please donate and help us reach our goal.”

For more information, visit wasuteencenter.org.