Job creation

Dear editor:

After the election, an article described Pennsylvania’s voting patterns. An older Pittsburgh woman opined that Romney didn’t “give a hoot in the wind about poor people.”

But there’s a difference between “giving a hoot” and getting results.

Able-bodied, working age poor people want decent jobs with benefits. If jobs exist, the company’s services and/or products must be in demand. And more American products would be in demand if fewer products were made in China.

Who promised to label China a “currency manipulator” and counter China’s trade treachery? Romney.

A job usually requires an equipped office or shop and cash flow. This takes investment. Who would have encouraged job creators? Romney.

Poor people, especially, want affordable gasoline and utility bills. That’s easier with greater energy independence, achieved by responsible use of more fossil fuels.

Completing the Keystone XL Pipeline would have helped. Who favored it? Romney.

Also, lower energy prices allow companies to put more money into pay and benefits.

If businesses are succeeding, more tax dollars come from income and capital gains. These taxes make the funding of benefits more reliable.

Low income workers have some assistance and incentive through the earned income tax credit. Many in need receive assistance through food stamps, free school lunches, housing assistance, etc.

We should never object to providing “safety nets” for honest fellow citizens in need.

We also must encourage those who pay into that system.

It’s time to challenge distortions about the honestly successful. I even heard the adjective “self-sufficient”presented recently in a disparaging way.

Reports from the non-partisian Congressional Budget Office (2009) reveal a counter to such distortions. Out of every $100 of federal taxes collected (income, capital gains, estate, etc.) $67.90 is paid by the top 20% of earners.

The “Buffett” rule was a smoke screen. If you made money in capital gains, you had to invest it. Before investing, you had to earn it. You paid taxes then, as well as on capital gains.

Obama needs to move to “the center”. Discouraging job creators will likely hurt the poor. But, he “gives a hoot.”


Terry D. Hallock