Winning Design

Things just got a little brighter on Liberty Street.

Six current and former Sheffield Area Middle High School art students and three teachers have just finished making McKissock’s walls a bit more interesting.

“We’re trying to make the atmosphere uplifting,” said Debra Smith, who works in human resources at McKissock. “We decided the area downstairs would be a good place to display that.”

The Sheffield students have redone an entire wall downstairs at McKissock, trading drab white for a vibrant mural highlighting McKissock’s core values and mission statement.

The project started, according to Smith, when McKissock solicited design ideas from high school art classes across the county. When the designs came in; the commission, and the accompanying prize, was awarded to Sheffield.

The accompanying prize money, according to Smith, is intended to further educational goals. One of the student’s teachers, Cindy Hartburg, is in charge of how the money will be utilized.

To complete the mural, students and alumni Vicki Isenberg, Jenna Meddock, Sabrina Spencer, Juli Ely, Jaylin Mead and Megan Deming; and teachers Hartburg, Jessica Salapeck and Ashlee Sprandle; took time over four days of their winter break to work on the project.

“I think they didn’t realize how big a project it was,” Hartburg said.

The students agreed it was worth the effort.

“It was a really great experience,” Mead said. “A really good working experience.”