Sand bags

Dear editor,

I love how some individuals will elaborate tragic events and gain the support of people by pulling on their heart strings. It’s not working.

There are many people that live and have businesses along the same “flood area” that was noted in a recent letter to the editor. Some have taken the course to do what they can to protect themselves and some have not. The particular business owner that wrote the article has in the past, on many occasions, approached the Public Safety Office, the Emergency Management Office, and the Warren County Commissioners trying to get the “Tax Payers” of Warren County to donate free sand bags to help protect his business.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that something involving an “I deserve” attitude may have led to the shocking response from the commissioner. Compassion has nothing to do with it. In instances past it’s as if these people worked for you like the many young folks you employ and will undoubtedly force to fill the sand bags.

Now that the storm has passed and you were one again spared the flood, it would be an opportune time to go to a local business and purchase sand bags or you could go online and purchase them. (Buying them from a local business would help the economy.) The Public Safety Office is not authorized to “sell” sand bags to the public. The local office is overseen by PEMA, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, which is governed by FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Every municipality in Warren County does have an Emergency Operations Plan that is updated. Unfortunately those plans don’t include providing sand bags to business owners who repeatedly try to lay it off as a County Tax Payer’s responsibility.

In summation; I would advise those that have concerns of flooding to either make needed adjustments to your property in compliance with EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, and if needed buy some sand bags. You may also want to think twice before expanding a business in a known flood zone.


Terry Campbell

Tax Payer